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About Run-Riot

RUN-RIOT is a listing of cultural happenings, updated on a regular basis by a team of writers, agitators and culture enthusiasts. Our aim is to connect with those actively seeking a culture buzz, to deliver a refined selection of events. Well, it’s a little more than a listing. It’s a ‘guide’ cultivated and nurtured by those on the front line. On the whole you can trust us... Take a risk, friend.

The content includes events from the worlds of art, clubs, dance, film, media, music, fashion and theatre. We unveil what’s being picked up on our radar. Hunting down the latest from leading international contemporary artists to emerging local scenesters and a whole lot in between we’ll keep you updated with what’s going down.

The project began in 2004 as an informal e-bulletin compiled on an irregular basis simply to promote unusual, non-mainstream events to a small readership of friends and colleagues working in the arts, club, music, theatre, dance and media biz. In autumn 2007 the project was launched to the public as a website and weekly newsletter – still very informal, but more informing. The service remains free to its subscribers, and the content remains charmingly contradictory, unpredictable and relatively coherent.

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