Run-Riot Recommends: BBC Singers & Kabantu at Cutty Sark @BBCSingers @kabantumusic @RMGreenwich
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'h.Recommends' - Vol. 3

So here it is, the third volume of 'h.Recommends' ten track podcast, jam-packed full of smoking' hot acts and tracks to whet that musical appetite. Jump upon the psychedelic-prog wagon and journey on through the best breaking bands around town. From The Go! Team, Marsmobil to Cymbals Eat Guitars and Veronica Falls.

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BLAZE 2011: Basement Jaxx and Shangaan Electro (Episode 1)

Welcome to the first episode of the Barbican's special series of Blaze podcasts in 2011!

Today, Felix Buxton from Basement Jaxx talks about their collaboration with the Metropole Orkest on 14 & 15 Jul in the Barbican Hall, whilst Nozinja aka 'Dog' from Shangaan Electro, tells us a bit more about the 180bpm street dance phenomenon from South Africa which is about to strike Europe this summer.

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Culture Cuts: 'Joumage's Doo-Wop Bop'

Back when Pop was good and R & B meant RHYTHM AND BLUES, the youth were breaking away from tradition and formulating there own culture- filled with "crazy + rebellious" new fashions and styles and born into a generation of circulating world media. Most importantly, the era of the development of youth culture led to new and "exciting" music; inspired by the crossing of cultures and exchange in new and alternate rhythms from around the globe.

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Mogpaws - Where'd the cat go? by Laid Back

A tip of the cap to Laid Back for delivering this mix to your discerning ears.

Today’s concoction steers through a number of styles, rhythms & decades, but shall focus on percussion, horns, piano, vocals & plenty of bass to get you wiggling wherever you happen to be. 

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