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CUT FESTIVAL: Katy Baird on Transformation

From 1-5pm on Sunday 26 February artist Katy Baird is inviting an audience to come and spend some time chatting with her inside Hurwundeki in Hackney Central whilst beauty industry professionals will wax, pluck, paint, attach and inject her body in order to help Katy achieve a brand new look for herself. 

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How do we see the world? Your Reality is Broken – Nwando Ebizie tells you why

Photo: Dimitri Djuric


We all see things in very different ways. In such a polarised world, where one person’s outrage is another’s cause for celebration, we should know this very well. We put these differences down to outlook, opinion, worldview – but very infrequently do we think about the ways in which we actually see the world, the way that our mind perceives our physical surroundings.

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