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Now Is The Time To Say Nothing. Written by Caroline Williams

Have you ever turned on the news, seen some horrific images of a war far away, then changed channels and gone to make a cup of tea? Me too. I think we all have.

In 2014 I got asked to make a piece of work with some teenagers in Southwark about the civil war in Syria. My first thought was… I’m white, I don’t speak Arabic, I’ve never been to the Middle East so... no?

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You had me at ‘immersive show’…

In a world where there are so many theatrical fish in the sea, it can be hard to find true creative love. But Laura Drake Chambers and Cressida Peever have it. We interrogate the relationship of the Creative Producer and Writer of Shotgun Carousel’s new immersive experience, Red Palace, to ask how the hell did they manage a match made in heaven?

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