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Make Your Mark: My Street Trailer

MyStreet has launched its national competition (deadline 8th May 2012) to give everyone the chance to tell their stories about where they live, through film. These stories are all linked to postcodes and contribute to an ever-evolving digital map of the UK.

It's where you are, who you are and how you live. Your place on the map. Use video to record the experiences and people of a place that means something to you. Watch the archive of films already made. Create a film about 'your street'. Submit your film, share it and enter the annual competition.

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Simple Minds: 'The American' live in Dortmund 1984

There’s the Simple Minds led by Jim Kerr after he’d “seen the light” that gave us 'Don’t You' [Forget About Me] and 'Alive & Kicking'… But before that there was the Simple Minds led by Jim Kerr the Glaswegian punk, whose love of Bowie saw him lead his new band down all manner of new wave, electronic, minimalist, Germanic, sequenced and synth-dance avenues. And on that note, lets take a step back to Dortmund, 1984, and Simple Minds live performance of The American. Enjoy!

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Dexter Fletcher Q&A at Genesis Cinema

Deter Fletcher makes his directorial debut with Wild Bill, a film which tells the story of a man who returns from 8 years in prison to find his 2 sons have been abandoned by their mother.

You can catch it at the Genesis CInema in Mile End THIS Saturday (24th March) followed by a Q&A with the man himself. 

Book your tickets at genesiscinema.co.uk

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'In Your Head' video released by Gabby Young and Other Animals

Gabby Young and Other Animals have released the video for the first single from their new album- it's called In your Head and it's brilliant! Funded by the Pledge system, fans, friends and family contributed towards the video's making both financially and with their own faces appearing as characters in the video itself.Watch out, because ironically, this song will REALLY get stuck In Your Head....

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You And I Films: 'Floe Piece. Liberate Tate. Arctic Ice, canvas, light, water.'

'Floe Piece. Liberate Tate. Arctic Ice, canvas, light, water.'
"The fact that BP had one major incident in 2010 does not mean we should not be taking support from them." - Nicholas Serota, Director, Tate.
[Floe Piece - an expression applied to sheets of ice not more than a furlong in length]
The Deepwater Horizon disaster did not end in 2010 for the communities affected; BP's harmful impacts are numerous and occur across the globe year on year. In 2010-11 BP pushed forward expansion plans into the Arctic in Alaska, Canada and Russia.

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