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Goat + Ben Vince at Cafe OTO

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Time 19:30
Date 26/06/17
Price £12
  • Produced by Cafe OTO
  • Price £12, £10 advance
  • Get ready for new music from Goat
  • Bring along fans, old and new
  • See you at Cafe OTO

Goat, previously comprised of guitar, bass, drums and saxophone, create music unlike many rock bands.

In their percussive songs, they mute the melodic instruments to reinforce the beat, and make frequent use of harmonics played outside the twelve-tone. After going through a reshape in early 2017 with a new lineup, they have moved on to build compositions that explore rhythmic aspect even further, centering on intertwining patterns of repetitive rhythms. So far, they have released two albums from the label HEADZ; their debut album "NEW GAMES" in 2013, and second album "Rhythm & Sound" in 2015.

Koshiro Hino / percussion, bass
Akihiko Ando / percussion, sax
Tomohisa Suzuki / percussion , drum
Takafumi Okada / percussion, drum