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The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Three Night Residency at Cafe OTO

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Time 19:30
Date 15/10/17
Price £46
  • Produced by Cafe OTO
  • Price £46, Members: £42, all three events: £132
  • Get ready for the best of avant-garde jazz
  • Bring along fans who will love this like you
  • See you at Cafe OTO

One of the greatest free-music groups of all time!

Now into their fifth decade, the group has lost none of the verve or boldness of invention that has characterised them from the start; the impact and influence that The Art Ensemble of Chicago have had cannot be overstated and they remain an utterly essential live experience. At turns soulful, chaotic, energising and transcendant – playful yet attentive, generous but untethered – the AEC helped redefine what jazz music could be and continue to seek out its future. We're thrilled to have them back.

The Art Ensemble of Chicago

The AEC Is an avant-garde jazz ensemble that grew out of Chicago in the late 1960s. Art ensemble is notable for its integration of musical styles that span jazzes entire history and further multi-instrumentalism. They have used what they term little instruments from bicycle horns, bells, birthday party noisemakers, wind chimes, and a vast array of percussion instruments. They also include costumes and face paint in performance. All these characteristics combine to make the ensemble's performances a visual spectacle along with an auditory one.

Back in the mid-60s the members of Art Ensemble performed under various and names but they began to play together and record in 1967.