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Album Review: Noblesse Oblige – ‘In Exile’

‘This is soooo fresh! I love the whole electro-Afro Highlife influences - fucking cool with a twist of synth heaven aka Jean Michelle Jarre on the set of a Wolfgang Petersen shoot ... Fucking awesome! My mate Henry Smithson and them Radioclit boys will love this! Must get a copy to Dave [Lynch].’ DJ Silencio on the new album, In Exile from Noblesse Oblige. Indeed, we asked two of our music writers to give the album a seeing to. Silencio sets the scene, while Todd Hart (Dalston Oxfam Blog, Manifesto) talks music.

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Scottee: Edinburgh Diary 2008

I'm on another horrid Virgin train journey - Sarah Jane at Euston reception was as unhelpful as she could be, but I managed to find a train towards the north, surrounded by drunk Scot's & actors on mobiles - It can only be the Edinburgh Fringe! Last year I kept you in the know about my festival activities and this year is no different. 

This year I'm performing with the wonderful Pustra / Vile-een in 'And the Devil may drag you under' - I'm excited, nervous, scared but most of all glad to get out of the big smoke for a few weeks! 

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Feature: ‘The Concierge Club’

Ladies and Gentlemen - there’s a new club in town. Not one, but five boutique hotels launch themselves as a home for the arts – their connection? The Concierge Club – a new hub for those in the cultural know, and their like-minded pals. Jamie McLaren takes a closer look.


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Hussey's Riot Interview: 'Miss Behave'

There are only five female sword swallowers in the whole world. During rehearsals for her new variety spectacular at the Roundhouse Patrick Hussey talks to the best, cabaret sensation Miss Behave.

Its an obvious question but you have to ask. How did you discover you like swallowing swords? Miss Behave takes a moment then gives me some flip depth.

'Well I'm pretty oral' she jokes, 'Yes everything likes going in my mouth. Beer, cigars, why not swords?'

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Theatre Review: The Colorado Session

There is something about the white South African accent, especially in men. It suggests something to my London ear, conjuring images of lemon highlights,chunky watches and a unique brand of snorting, petty fascism.

In fact, let's be honest, when most people hear that accent you almost see the word 'RACIST' light up above the speaker. Somewhere inside you think wanker and turn away.

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Pirate Brickhill 'An African in London' Pt 5

I had just returned from Transalvania country, where I had successfully eluded the Count whilst making a film with some Romanian firemen (but that's another story). In the interim I had managed to slip in a final edit on the run-riot chess-boxing piece and now here was my carrot to finish the job. A night of mad mayhem and merriment courtesy of my continued involvement in this canary in the mining shafts of a movement.

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Manu Luksch: London Premiere 'Faceless'

Faceless: Chasing the Data Shadow

Written by Manu Luksch, Mukul Patel

Stranger than fiction
Remote-controlled UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) scan the city for anti-social behaviour. Talking cameras scold people for littering the streets (in children’s voices). Biometric data is extracted from CCTV images to identify pedestrians by their face or gait. A housing project’s surveillance cameras stream images onto the local cable channel, enabling the community to monitor itself.

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