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Interview: Sin Nombre film Director Cary Fukunaga. Words Anna Leach.

Director of knuckle-gnawing thriller Sin Nombre talks to Anna Leach about danger, research and why his next film is a musical.

Studiously modest, square-jawed and possessed of a sense of social responsibility that would make Nelson Mandela proud, Cary Fukunaga is the thinking indie kid’s film-maker.

The 32-year-old Californian has just written and directed a film about immigration and gangs in central America: Mexico and Honduras. It’s called Sin Nombre and it’s out in cinemas now.

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Naomi's Style - Aug Tips

Another month of minxy dressing up with a fair dollop of recessionista chic.

The night that Camden banned //Shop Socials //1920’s Lawn Games// Reviving the Country House Party //Become a pin-up! .

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Review: 'Scottee - Eat Your Heart Out' words by Anna Leach

Hackney Empire 11th July 09

“Scottee doesn’t like it when men in wigs lip synch – so that’s what I’m gonna do” said one of Scottee Scottee’s performers in his performance art variety show Eat Your Heart Out.  

And several of them did just that. My favourite wig-wearing lip-syncher was Nando, a very skinny boy in a shirt who kept his eyes covered by an amazing fringe wig while mouthing to French opera with a magnifying glass over his lipstick-smeared lips.  

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Review: 'The Moonshine Jamboree' by Anne Kapranos

Perching on the side of a couch, surrounded by young artistic types sitting cross legged on the floor around a drum kit, I swayed and stumbled, trying to gulp down a tiny bit of bile that rose with a belch in my mouth.

Drunk? I hear you accuse – eyes narrowed suspiciously like my mother. No. Just a little bit seasick. I was on the good ship Tamesis on the banks of the Thames to sample the sounds of The Moonshine Jamboree, a new (fairly) regular live music night taking place in the wonderful surroundings of a converted barge.

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