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Review: Night Of The Living Dead Live!

Night of the Living Dead Live! at the Pleasance is a unique theatrical experience. Audience members can enjoy the show from the safety of the stalls or bravely venture up on stage to sit in the ‘splatter zone’ amongst the performers. I enthusiastically chose the latter. Carrie didn’t exactly make being up on stage covered in blood look like a treat, but I’m never one to pass up an immersive experience.

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Delivering a show that is equal parts comic and tragic is a challenge (although one that, at time of writing, the UK government is delivering with vigour). Throw in too many jokes and your audience start to feel an uncomfortable guilt in laughing at tragedy. Don’t throw in enough and they feel less like they’ve seen some comedy and more that they’ve spent 90 minutes being reminded of the relentlessness of human suffering.

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