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Hussey's Riot Interview: 'Miss Behave'

There are only five female sword swallowers in the whole world. During rehearsals for her new variety spectacular at the Roundhouse Patrick Hussey talks to the best, cabaret sensation Miss Behave.

Its an obvious question but you have to ask. How did you discover you like swallowing swords? Miss Behave takes a moment then gives me some flip depth.

'Well I'm pretty oral' she jokes, 'Yes everything likes going in my mouth. Beer, cigars, why not swords?'

It makes sense I muse, an anal personality might have meant trouble. After that Miss Behave gets serious, telling me one of the best tales of self creation I have ever heard.

'When I was a teenager I had never actually seen a sword swallower but I read a book about it called the Prince of Pain. From that I taught myself sword swallowing in my bedroom.'

I gasp. The sheer will of that rocks me.

'Where did you get the sword? I ask.

'Ah well I didn't really know what I was looking for so I guessed the length and bought one from a tourist shop on the Rambla in Barcelona.'

Miss Behave has just become my all time hero. From a tourist shop on La Rambla? Wow.

So what's your show all about then?

'Its classic variety. We've got a crooner, a contortionist, a fire eater, all losing themselves with the audience in the now.You will be entertained.'

Miss Behave Variety Nighty is on at the Roundhouse from 31 July - 24 August. The cast includes Lucifire, Spymonkey, Marjo, Frank Sanazi, Kalki Hula Girl. Plus special guests Dusty Limits, Caroline Nin, and Lady Carol.

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