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Kinetica 10th Anniversary Exhibition at Ugly Duck

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Time 13:00
Date 17/02/17
Price £10
  • Produced by Kinetica
  • Price £10
  • Get ready for some holographic wizardry
  • Bring along a futuristic aesthetic
  • Surf to Kinetica
  • See you at Ugly Duck

Kinetica will mark its 10 year legacy with an anniversary show featuring an experiential exhibition of performative and immersive artworks and holographic performances.

The exhibition, entitled The Thin Veil will focus on what is real, perceived or imagined. Invisible realms will be explored to create an awe-inspiring and engaging experience.

>The exhibition will feature 35 artists from more than 10 countries with over 50 performative artworks as well as a programme of live performances and events.

The performance works will be supported by Holotronica’s Stuart Warren Hill, the inventor of Hologauze – a projection system enabling the world’s largest high-resolution indoor holograms. Further exhibits, talks and presentations will explore the possibilities of holographic, virtual and augmented reality technologies as a gateway to changing perceptions.