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Supernormal Festival at Braziers Park

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Time 10:00
Date 04/08/17
Price £85
  • Produced by Supernormal
  • Price £85 weekend ticket
  • Get ready for a beautifully bonkers weekend
  • Bring along eco-friendly, noise-friendly pals
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  • See you at Braziers Park

SUPERNORMAL is an experimental festival championing multi-faceted, exploratory art and music from the underground, margins and fringes.

With a diverse and intimate audience of 1500, Supernormal crystallises new projects, commissions, residencies, collaborations and participatory activities in response to the context and environment of Braziers Park in Oxfordshire to encapsulate its experimental vision and dissolve artistic boundaries. The networks the festival forges and the spirit it imbues work to bring challenging and innovative art and music to an intrepid and adventurous audience.

In what has become known as a 'temporary autonomous zone' Supernormal has become the leading non-urban experimental festival in the UK, one that is unafraid of taking risks in a drive to find new ways of working as an artist and with each other.

Existing in a contemporary political climate where creativity is all too often marginalised within an ideological drive towards profit at all costs, now more than ever Supernormal seeks to respond to a challenging era in fearless, non-profit-driven terms by forming a sanctuary for expression.

Evolving from the countercultural lineage of Braziers Park, Supernormal came to life out of the auspices of the Braziers International Artist Workshop. Connecting with the ethos and ideologies of the Braziers community, and exploring possibilities of alternative living and learning, Supernormal retains these values, forming a network of artists, collaborators, partners and platforms to forge and nurture a community spirit all of its own.

More than a festival, Supernormal has become a revolutionary and ever-evolving artistic realm where expression and experimentation combine, collaborate and collude without restraint, where inspiration is free to thrive and possibilities are infinite.