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The People's Forest: Lone Women in the Woods at The View and Queen Elizabeth's Hunting Lodge

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Time 21:00
Date 17/05/19
Price £8

Lone Women in the Woods is unique experience that will enable women to take part on a journey through the forest from twilight to nightfall embracing and challenging fears and creating new narratives.

Led by artist Clare Archibald (Lone Women And Flashes Of Wilderness) and joined by writers, and walkers Louisa Thomsen Brits, Carole Wright and Alison O’Connor (Bushcraft and forest expert), participants will learn about forest history, artists relationship with walking both urban and wild places, and the unique ecology of Epping Forest

The walk will be followed by a talk at Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge led by Clare with readings and reflections and a Q&A.

It’s a unique opportunity to experience the forest from twilight to darkness reaching out to women who otherwise might not venture into the woods to walk.

Lone Women In The Woods is part of The People's Forest season - a series of events exploring our relationship with Epping Forest, interrogating the deep bond we have with forests and woodland, and how this relationship is culturally determined.