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Lisa Alexander and Guests: To You To You To You: Love Letters to a (Post)Europe at Toynbee Studios

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Time 19:00
Date 05/10/18
Price £14

To You To You To You is a twp-day gathering of love and dissent that seeks to connect, exchange and witness through performance and assembly, and through the action, idea or form of a love letter.

Dates and Times: Fri 05 & Sat 06 Oct, 19:00.

In the midst of rapid change, polarisation and crises of social imagination in the UK and mainland Europe, small acts of imagination and friendship become radical interventions.

Over twenty artists from the UK, Europe and beyond take part in a programme of performance over two evenings including commissioned work. Artists include:
Kate Adams, Season Butler, Brian Catling & David Tolley, Robin Deacon, Lin Hixson & Matthew Goulish, Catherine Hoffmann, Brian Lobel, Ivana Müller, Florence Peake, Maria Sideri, & Nikki Tomlinson. Plus, video works by Tim Etchells, Mikhail Karikis, Erica Scourti with further artists to be announced.

This two day programme builds on Love Letters to a (Post)Europe at Bios, Athens in 2015, in which 26 artists created short works in response to a provocation at the close of 2015 including Demosthenes Agrafiotis, cris cheek, Alec Finlay, Matthew Goulish, Claire MacDonald, Mariela Nestora, Kira O'Reilly, Jungmin Song and Yoko Tawada. A selection of these works will also form part of the 2018 UK programme.

"Love Letters to a (Post)Europe connects artistic practice and intervention with solidarity, as a mode of visibility." – Diana Damian Martin, Exeunt Magazine 2015

COMPETITION: Win 1x pair of tickets to attend Lisa Alexander and Guests: To You To You To You: Love Letters to a (Post)Europe at Toynbee Studios at 19:00 on Saturday 06 October. To enter the competition, send an email to vienna@run-riot.com with the correct answer in the ‘subject’ line. The winner will be randomly selected.

Q: Written by computer pioneer Christopher Strachey in 1951, a programme that would compose love letters was run on the Ferranti Mark I. The letters were always signed 'M. U. C.' What does M. U. C. stand for?
A: .1) Manchester Under Construction .2) Manchester University Computer .3) Manchester's Unique Conundrum .4) Manchester United's Caretaker