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Feminist Life Drawing #elenao at The Feminist Library

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Time 19:00
Date 21/02/19
Price £11.07

A life drawing event with a difference. Brazilian models living in London, will lead poses depicting scenes from the political struggle happening in Brazil with accompanying discussion.

It's not just about the drawing... If you would like to join in and try a bit of modelling, partially clothed of fully clothed, then there will be plenty of guidance oh hand. Think relaxed poses - you choose how to pose within any given ensemble.

Esther Bunting, organiser of Feminist Life Drawing #elenao especially welcome women in exile from the far right or areas of conflict. This will of course be a very interesting discussion whatever your background, with the far right gaining ground across the globe at the moment. Women's movements must act, but what is the best strategy in these challenging times?

As ever, there will be time for discussion which you bring. A few drawing materials and boards will be provided. Bring a robe if you can and don't worry - the room is well heated and cosy.