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East End Film Festival: Casa Deforme at The Old Church

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Time 19:00
Date 27/04/18
Price £8.25

With an all-female line-up, Casa Deforme is an evening of voltaic un-easy electronics and AV performances from Xana, Terribilis (Quantum Natives) and xname.

Xana is a live loop musician, sound designer, interaction designer and poet who often works collaboratively with other artists, researchers, theatre practitioners and filmmakers. Xana is passionate about working with young people; devising creative workshops; and encouraging the engagement of others with improvisational sonic experiences.

Xana plans to develop other projects that explore archives as a place of active memory through stories around transhumanism/biotechnology. This period of development has lead to their current thread of research into how sound plays a role in architecture and algorithmic data cultures and its impact on local communities.

Terribilis (Quantum Natives)
A dark and aggressive culmination of her interests in drum ‘n’ bass, ambient and field recordings. For Interlude Music though, that heaviness remains in the theme of the artist’s own struggle with mental illness — particularly self-identity, self-loathing and body dysmorphia — but the music opens up and breathes into its own catharsis, reflecting on what the artist calls “an audial journey of emotional breakdowns and the moments of enlightenment in-between.”

xname is a solo project by Eleonora Oreggia, a London based conceptual electronic artist from Milan, currently fully funded PhD candidate in Media & Arts Technology at Queen Mary University of London. She makes performances and interactive installations. Her live compositions transform light and other electromagnetic frequencies in sound waves through self built synthesizers and complex semi chaotic machines. She is also the founder of Nebularosa, a record label promoting music that challenges the established modes of music production.