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Babeworld: I Like Girls That Sniff Charlie at Central St Martins

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Time 14:00
Date 22/05/19
Price Free

A multimedia installation laced with interviews, sexual anecdotes, & bizarre pop culture references in which three best-friends-come-sex workers talk trauma, tragedy & an unquenchable thirst for dick.

Dates and Times: Wed 22 May at 14:00 - Fri 14 May at 17:00.

Through a rehashing and recycling of past client conversations, this piece explores the effects of our own personal experiences and the effect this has own our current state of mind, sexuality and interpersonal relationships. Social media is a tool frequently used by sex workers for representation of our realities. It has been used here, and in our lives, to navigate our feelings and open up a discussion about topics of trauma and everything that comes after it.

With the accompanying visual imagery - the performance aims to symbolically represent the instability of our own sexualities, and the instant gratification we so desperately seek out. The audio fluxes through choices that signify an ideal family lifestyle that isn’t everyone’s reality, dissected to make it more specific to our experiences. Other audio choices where made as instant reactions to the work as it developed, dug from teenage years or current obsessions. They believe the repurposing of popular culture references helps build a strong rapport and recognisability between performer and audience.

The final point of the piece will be a live lip sync performance. Stunning!

Show times have yet to be confirmed, but check the Babeworld Facebook event page for those updates!