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Artsadmin / METIS: We Know Not What We May Be at the Barbican

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Time 18:00
Date 06/09/18
Price £12
  • Produced by Artsadmin
  • Price £12 + £3 booking fee.
  • Bring along change. A change of mind, a change for the future. A change of clothes?
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There’s never been greater urgency for change. But what shape could this take & who will be in charge? And ask yourself if human ingenuity can restore our relationships to one another & to the planet.

Running from: Thu 06 - Sun 09 Sep.

After listening to a talk by a visionary speaker, you’ll be led into an installation for storytelling, interaction and experimentation that could catapult us towards a transformative future. Following the interactive theatre show World Factory, Zoë Svendsen (Director of METIS) works with inspirational experts, including economists, architects and environmentalists, to initiate conversations exploring how we might live together in the face of radical social and environmental challenges.

Commissioned and produced by Artsadmin. Part of Season for Change, a UK-wide programme of cultural responses celebrating the environment and inspiring urgent action on climate change. Also presented as part of Barbican's 2018 Season, The Art of Change, which explores how artists respond to, reflect and can potentially effect change in the social and political landscape.


Thursday Evening
6.15pm: Peter Newell, on the global politics of transformation to a green future
7pm: Chris Hope, on how the carbon tax can transform the economy for the better (and deal with climate change)
8pm: Frances Coppola, on universal basic income and its transformative potential for human agency
9pm: Fran Boait, on transforming the economic system through changing how money works

Friday Evening
6.15pm: Andrew Simms, on the stories we need to tell for a rapid transition to a low carbon economy
7pm: Kate Raworth, on how our economy is embedded in, and interdependent with, the social and natural world
8pm: Wanda Wyporska, on (in)equality and the redistribution of wealth
9pm: Sue Riddlestone, on how to create low carbon living from the ground up - and its implications for how we live together

2.15pm: Doina Petrescu, on architecture for community resilience and campaigning for the commons
3pm: Richard Murphy, on how to reform the UK tax system as the primary means to achieve a better, fairer economics
4pm: Ha-Joon Chang, on the power of economics for global justice
5pm: Kriti Sharma, on artificial intelligence and how to avoid replicating human prejudice in designing it
6pm: Anna Coote, on addressing inequality with universal public services
7pm: TBA
8pm: TBA
9pm: Faiza Shaheen, on restructuring the system to allow full social mobility - not just for the few

2.15pm: TBA
3pm: Indy Johar, on thinking big, beyond the limits of contemporary capitalism
4pm: Carolyn Steel, on how to imagine the future city through its relationship with food
5pm: Indra Adnan, on the psychology and society - and the redistribution of power
6pm: Kate Fletcher, on fast fashion as a system - and how to rethink it
7pm: Paul Mason, on the power of collaborative networks for social change - and the new kind of person it produces

For the full biographies of all of the speakers head to the METIS website.