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PalFest at Toynbee Studios

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Time 14:00
Date 07/06/18
Price £15

APUK and PalFest Join forces to bring you a day of music, film, literature and delicious Palestinian food - celebrating Palestinian culture and its long history.

"You can see the stony terraces and the centuries that coaxed them into fruitfulness, the Israeli wall severing them from their farmers, and the settlement road cutting through the sky above them, its supports digging deep into their soil. Nothing, not a single thing, is free of the occupation, its instruments, its outcomes." – Ahdaf Soueif

Since 2008, Soueif and her colleagues in PalFest, The Palestine Festival of Literature, have brought artists from outside Palestine to taste this bitter and complex experience, an experience evoked in 'This is not a Border' (2017). Breaking the cultural siege imposed by Israel, PalFest reaffirms, in Edward Said’s words, 'the power of culture over the culture of power' and strengthens Palestine’s cultural links with the rest of the world.

Artists for Palestine UK, launched in 2015, gives a platform to Palestinian voices, and campaigns against their silencing. There are many who would like art and culture to serve the project of occupation; APUK suggests a different role.