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Kraftwerk: Future Music from Germany with Uwe Schütte and David Stubbs at Foyles

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Time 19:00
Date 10/03/20
Price £13

Celebrate the work of avant-garde Krautrock kings Kraftwerk with author Uwe Schütte & music journalist David Stubbs, discussing a new cultural history of the group Kraftwerk: Future Music from Germany

With fresh new insight on the formation and mythos of the group, Schütte will talk about how they carved their own musical path by ignoring nearly all received notions of rock tradition, and therefore went on to pioneer the soundtrack of our digital age. Touching upon the groups many diverse and varied influences, he will also show how the band were able to combine so many disparate elements into the one indomitable whole we now know as Kraftwerk.

The event will be followed by a Q&A and book signing.

This is a lucid, accessible, authoritative and indespensible account of the Düsseldorf group once mocked for their Teutonic ‘otherness’, who went on to lay the foundations for modern electronic music’ - David Stubbs, author of Future Days on Kraftwerk: Future Music from Germany