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The Final Girls: Here Be Witches Symposium at the Horse Hospital

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Time 12:00
Date 02/11/19
Price £22

Join The Final Girls and an array of expert speakers as they dive into the myriad of forms the witch has taken in film and television, and of course, discuss all things witchy.

When we talk about witches in pop culture, we’re also talking about the representation of representation of women in pop culture. She has been used as a cautionary tale, and has been reclaimed by women and feminist scholars as a figure of female empowerement. 

In recent years, from the remakes like Suspiria, Charmed and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and original films like The Witch, The Love Witch, Hereditary and more, the figure of the witch has permeated the public consciousness once again.

In this event, deep dive into the many forms the witch has taken, from the romantic heroines of I Married A Witch and the goth teens of The Craft, television depictions of witches in Sabrina, Charmed, True Blood and American Horror Story and the witchploitation of the seventies, as well as some of questions that arise around representation, sexuality and empowerment.