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Brexit: Should I Stay or Should I Go at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre

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Time 08:00
Date 19/03/18
Price Free

A day of debates, talks and discussions about the future of Europeans and the impact of Brexit might have on us all.

Because of all the noise created by the media and politicians, it can be difficult to ascertain what is likely to happen to Europeans, to the economy, to business and to trading with the European Union. This has become a vicious circle leading to even more uncertainty and confusion. This event has been designed to filter out the noise and help you understand the real underlying position.

In the Main Hall, lawyers, tax and business advisers will be available to answer all your questions and for the day's events in the Auditorium, they have assembled an extraordinary collection of experts, politicians, journalists and activists who will address the critical issues and help you work out what is best for you, your family and your business.

08:00: Registration starts
09:00: Opening keynote
09:20: “The impact of Brexit on the economy, business and trade” with guest
09:50: “The City in trouble, Finance and the Pound” Vicky Price (economist)
10:10: “Here for Good” with Isabella Mosselmans and Tahmid Chowdhury in conversation with Peter Alfandary
10:30:  Which types of company have already started relocating and what it means for business in the UK with Andrew Elliman (AGS 360).
11:30: “These Islands: a nation of businessmen and entrepreneurs” with Michael Jary
11:50: “UK structuring and tax planning” with George Merrylees, in conversation with David Blanc.
12:10: What other EU countries are doing to attract UK based entrepreneurs and businesses with Alexandre Holroyd (French MP representing the French living in Norther Europe) and Olivier Cadic (Senator of the French living abroad).
12:40: Chuka Umunna MP in conversation
13:00: “Retaining EU staff and attracting talent to the UK post Brexit” Emmanuelle Ries
13:20: “Will Brexit affect employees rights?” With Sue Ferns (Propect) and Richard Corbett (Labour MEP) and Ruth Cadbury (Labour MP), in conversation.
Afternoon Session
14:00: Sir Vince Cable – Keynote (title TBC)
14:30: “Scotland part of the dis-United Kingdom, for how long?” Stephen Gethins (SNP)
15:00: “These Islands: Uniting Not Dividing” with Philippe Auclair and Tom Holland
15:20: Caroline Lucas and Carol Monaghan (SNP), in conversation.
16:00: “The NHS on the drip without the EU” with Dr Mike Galsworthy
16:20: “J’accuse” Keynote by Professor AC Grayling, followed by Q&A
16:45: Dorota Darnell – Polish connections / Testimonies
17:00: “Will Wales suffers even deeper from Brexit?” with Mark Drakeford
17:30: “Tactical voting and principals above politics” with Eloise Todd, Tom Brake (LibDem) and Roger Casale (New Europeans)
Evening Session
18:00: Elena Remigi (10min), followed by Veronique Martin (5min) + Anne-Laure Donskoy (The3Million) – Marta Radwan (piano) Live performance (TBC)
18:15: Gina Miller (activist): call for EU citizens to cast their vote at the local elections!
18:45: “What are your EU citizenship rights and who is fighting to protect them” with Alexandre Holroyd, Nicolas Hatton (The3Million) and Seb Dance (Labour MEP), in conversation Olivier Cadic
19:30: “Status of EU citizens in the UK: what you need to know, what you need to do” with Andrew Tingley (Kingsley Napley), followed by Q&A
20:10: “Our Future, Our Country” Panel with the four co-founders: Lara Spirit, Will Dry, Femi Oluwole and Calum Millbank
20:35: Peter French, short address #StopBrexit Great British March (October 2018)
21:00: Closing with Patricia Connell