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VAULT Festival / Roann McCloskey: My Father the Tantric Masseur at The Vaults

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Time 21:20
Date 27/02/19
Price £11.5

Everyone remembers the first time they came, but how often do we talk about it? Roann has decided it’s finally time to air those stories you’re told you never should...

Dates and Times: Wed 27 Feb - Sun 03 Mar at 21:20.

Her father, the conservative Englishman has recently become a Tantric Masseur and Roann gets to hear all about him lubing up labia. Roann's Muslim mother thinks oral sex and porn are tools of the devil, and Roann has been masturbating profusely since the age of 7. All of this makes for an incredibly anxious British Algerian Queer woman.

Join Roann as she explores the vulnerability and taboos of sex in her debut solo show which is bound to make you laugh... uncomfortably!

Roann is an Actor, Director and Writer specialising in immersive, improvised and musical theatre. Her comedy, storytelling and performance quality is rooted in bringing to life the everyday, surfacing the hilarity of the banal, and draws heavily on her personal experience and her close familial relationships.