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VAULT Festival: Fuck You Pay Me at The Vaults

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Time 21:15
Date 24/01/18
Price £11.5
  • Price £11.50
  • Get ready “Funny-as-fuck” theatre-witchery on the divine nature of being a slut.
  • Bring along your high heels and dreams.
  • Surf to book online.
  • See you at The Vaults

From the bitingly observant solo artist, Joana Nastari presents an explosion of dramatic expectations and shitty preconceptions, dismantling what a play about strippers should be.

Running from: Wed 24 - Sun 28 Jan 2018.

Bea: 20’s, British-Brazilian, 50% square-cut diamond, 50% bin juice, 100% hungover. It’s lunchtime, she hasn’t slept, and she’s dreading going home to her mum and sisters to face the consequences of the night before, when they found out what she really does for a living…

We say “Fuck You” to boring happy hooker/tragedy porn narratives and “Fuck Yeah” to a tornado of gold jewellery, pink money, phone screens, cigarette smoke and self help books.
“A gripping insight into the world of stripping. Authentic, high energy and hilarious, beautifully performed. There’s no show like it.” – Actual real life stripper
“Magnetic, genuine and funny as fuck.” – Another real life stripper