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VAULT Festival: The Dirty Thirty at The Vaults

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Time 19:40
Date 14/03/18
Price £14.5

Degenerate Fox's valiant attempt to perform 30 ever-changing plays in just one hour. Expect comedic scenes, dramatic monologues, intricate dances, games, songs, and stuff there just isn’t a name for.

Running from: Wed 14 - Sun 18 Mar.

Degenerate Fox produce theatre that removes all artifice – we are here, we are us, you are you, the time is now. They will engage, titillate, confront, expose, encourage, confess, and above all…entertain. And, perhaps most exciting of all, the audience get to decide the order in which the plays are performed, meaning that each show is uniquely built by that audience and is different every night!

Not every play is funny, not every play is political, not every play is a movement play or a personal monologue, but all the plays have two things in common – they are all very short and they are all new, original works created by company members.

Come and be a part of a show in which each performance is an unreproducible, living newspaper of the comic and tragic, the political and personal, the visceral and experimental. If you’ve seen the show once, you’ve seen the show once. Just that one time.

COMPETITION: Win 1x pair of tickets to attend VAULT Festival: The Dirty Thirty at The Vaults at 19:40 on Wednesday 14 March. To enter the competition, send an email to vienna@run-riot.com with the correct answer in the ‘subject’ line. The winner will be randomly selected.

Q: Out of the following, what can't one achieve in 60 minutes?
A: .1) Read Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace in it's entirety .2) Travel to most places in London from Liverpool Street .3) Listen to Frank Sinatra's eighth studio album Swing Easy! three times. .4) Drink a glass of wine