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Silvia Mercurali: Macondo at Battersea Arts Centre

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Time 20:30
Date 25/07/17
Price £12.5
  • Produced by Battersea Arts Centre
  • Price £12.50, £10 concs
  • Get ready for a 'silent disco' style show ...
  • Bring along fans of One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez - the book that inspired this show
  • See you at Battersea Arts Centre

Inspired by '100 Years of Solitude' by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Macondo combines instruction based theatre, binaural sound and poetic writing to create a unique Autoteatro show 'silent disco' style.

Choosing between Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Hereos the participants decide the level of involvement they want to have in the show and abandon themselves to a predetermined script.

Macondo appears for fifty minutes only in an empty theatre space and takes the shape of the people that inhabit it.

Funded by The Arts Council of England. A New Theatre Royal Portsmouth co-commission. Developed by Open Lab. Video design by Susanne Dietz and Music by Tommaso Perego.

Silvia Mercurali has been working in theatre since 1998, creating events, site-specific installations, experimental theatre shows and immersive performances.

Running time: 60 mins
Age recommendation: 12+