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People Show 137: God Knows How Many at Southwark Playhouse

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Time 20:00
Date 05/02/20
Price £22

From the troubadours of the Parisian boulevards of yesteryear to today’s global corporate domination, People Show 137: God Knows How Many, will take you precisely nowhere.

Wednesday 05 - 29 February, 20:00.

1966, a Soho basement. The People Show was born. Born site specific, immersive, screaming and always visual.

With the company now archiving and reflecting on their first 50 years, they surge onwards.

Although People Show 137: God Knows How Many may take you nowhere, one thing is certain: on the way you will laugh, possibly cry, and feel a sense of what it is we might be doing here.

Emil Wolk, George Khan, Mark Long – People Show stalwarts – and Bill Palmer of Avanti Display, come together for a new show. Years of tumbling, verbal and musical gymnastics are taken to the next dimension. A darker dimension where the momentary nature of life is confronted and challenged.