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London International Mime Festival / Kiss & Cry Collective: Cold Blood at the Barbican

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Time 19:45
Date 29/01/20
Price £19

In this wonderfully whimsical production, Cold Blood brings together intricate hand choreography, tiny props, live cinema and a witty script. As the Times said: 'a total theatrical treat'.

Wednesday 29 January - Saturday 01 February.

Dancing hands star in elaborate miniature sets, the action filmed live to become epic on a big screen. See an ingenious show animated before your eyes.

Cold Blood is the story of seven surprising deaths takes audiences into an array of scenarios that touch on the fleeting fragility of life. Watch as performers and crew conjure visuals onstage or simply succumb to the beautifully detailed kaleidoscopic vistas appearing on film. From the razzamatazz of a Fred and Ginger-style dance number to a floating figure in outer space, from a ravaged war-torn cityscape to the recreation of an iconic Boléro ballet, all set to a soundtrack by Ravel, David Bowie and Janis Joplin.