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LIFT / Gob Squad: Creation (Pictures for Dorian) at Southbank Centre

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Time 19:45
Date 04/06/18
Price £20

Creation is the realm of gods and artists who create beauty through sheer will and their own bare hands. But who decides what is beautiful?

Running from: Mon 04 - Thu 07 Jun.

Creation (Pictures for Dorian) is inspired by Oscar Wilde’s iconic character Dorian Gray, who remains eternally youthful at a terrible cost to his soul. There’s probably a little bit of Dorian in all of us. Joined onstage by older and younger local performers, Gob Squad peeps behind the vanity mirror to question beauty, morality and power – and ask why we so crave the eye of the beholder.

British/German arts collective Gob Squad have performed all over the world for 25 years. Now middle-aged, they have no desire to exit the stage just yet.