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David Finnigan: Kill Climate Deniers at the Pleasance Theatre

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Time 20:00
Date 04/06/19
Price £16

Blending fact and fiction and all the early-90s techno you can eat, David Finnigan’s bold new satire is a manic spin on a world on the brink of turmoil.

Dates and Times: Tue 04 - Sun 30 Jun 2019, 20:00, 18:00 & 15:30.

“People of the internet, people of the world, you wanna see your Environment Minister SOLVE some shit, this is the soundtrack…”

What would it take to actually stop climate change dead in its tracks? Science? Recycling? Experts? Or maybe: techno, guns and revolution?

Environment Minister Gwen Malkin's plan to stop climate change is rudely interrupted when a group of eco-terrorists storm Australia's Parliament House during a Fleetwood Mac concert. Led by charismatic spokeswoman Catch, they demand Australia immediately cease all carbon emissions and coal exports—or they’ll start executing their 1,700 hostages. Kill Climate Deniers is a play within a play, an action film inside a documentary, a satire inside a rave. Come join the party.

David Finnigan's Kill Climate Deniers won the Griffin Playwriting Award ahead of its 2018 premiere in Australia, where it provoked, enraged and delighted audiences and critics alike. Prepare to experience the European premiere of one of the most daring and important plays of the decade, directed by Pleasance’s Head of Theatre Nic Connaughton.