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Carolyn Defrin and Abigail Boucher: Kissing Rebellion at Ovalhouse

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Time 19:30
Date 15/11/19
Price £16

Weaving original stories of kissing with dance, text, music and design, Kissing Rebellion explores our ability to heal and care in the wake of what has been shattered.

Friday 15 - Saturday 30 November, 19:30.

Exploring the impact of global crises and personal heartbreaks, Kissing Rebellion is a new dance theatre performance inspired by the social media message that followed the Paris attacks in 2015: “Il va falloir beaucoup, beaucoup, beaucoup d’amour”- “It’s going to take a lot, a lot, a lot of love.”

Hosting dinners over the last three years in their home cities of London, Paris, Chicago and Los Angeles, co-creators Carolyn Defrin and Abigail Boucher audio-recorded their guests’ humorous, passionate and sorrowful stories that began with a kiss. With connections to family, friends, lovers, identities, places and histories, these original recordings are woven together with live performance, inviting audiences to investigate the capacity to heal and care in the wake of what has been shattered.

“Through hundreds of conversations we’ve had about kissing in the last three years- we’ve discovered how much a kiss can be a radical act of care, and how sharing stories about kisses can be just as radical.” - Defrin & Boucher

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