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Reverend Billy & The Church of Stop Shopping: Trump Depression Hotline Tour at Toynbee Studios

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Time 19:30
Date 28/10/17
Price £1

The award-winning wild anti-consumerist gospel shouters and Earth-loving urban activists return to the UK to spread their word. Expect humour, great music and an unshakeable belief.

If youre concerned about a world rife with global advertising, multinational control, climate change, packaging, supermarket domination, TV merchandising and all the rampant free marketeering epitomised by the US President, this is for you. If youre not, this is REALLY for you!

The Church of Stop Shopping is a New York based secular political religion founded in 1999. Since Trump, the Frankenstein of shopping culture, won – or stole the election, the church has been a repository of community anguish. Under the direction of Savitri D They have paraded, boycotted and protested while singing multiple harmonies. The choir has opened for Neil Young, been produced by Laurie Anderson, and hosted a benefit for Black Lives Matter with Joan Baez.

"a show that isn’t just enjoyable but empowering, reminding us of the power we all have" - Time Out

"the Church’s honesty, passion and lack of cynicism is inspiring" - The Guardian

"my favorite transcendent and down to Earth preacher" - Laurie Anderson