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Organ Reframed: Anna von Hausswolff + Abul Mogard + Ipek Gorgun at Union Chapel

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Time 19:00
Date 27/03/20
Price £18

The fourth annual Organ Reframed returns to Union Chapel with a programme packed full of innovative music from Anna von Hausswolff, Abul Mogard and Ipek Gorgun.

Organ Reframed launches on the Friday evening with three new works composed and performed by artists known for redefining their fields: Anna von Hausswolff  – renowned for her gothic organ creations; enigma Abul Mogard – a synth visionary; and Ipek Gorgun – a composer of energetic, textural masterpieces. All three works for organ, electronics and the LCO will push Union Chapel’s sonic possibilities to the extreme.

The Artists:

Renowned for her ambient doom “Anna von Hausswolff is reinventing rock ’n roll, producing work that is radical yet familiar and shimmering with invention.” - The Observer

Abul Mogard was born in Belgrade and spent most of his life working in a Serbian factory.

Mogard states that he started making music after retirement as a way to reconstruct physical and emotional environments that were dear to him. His sound palette is created by synthesisers, Farfisa organs and other devices, some of which he has built himself over the years.

“Abul Mogard is an artwork in itself – a fully realized conceptual project, lush in complex layers, elegant in its simplicity, and fertile in intent. Challenging all of your senses, whether they are sentimental or just logical, the music cuts through all the grime of a developed perception and leaves its essence in pure form.” - Headphone Commute

Ipek Gorgun is a composer “patiently stitching together a whole sonic universes” - Pitchfork. Her music is full of contrasts and full of meaning. This will be the first time she has written for organ and she will pair it with electronics and the London Contemporary Orchestra.

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