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NYX: electronic drone choir with Gazelle Twin at The Pickle Factory

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Time 18:30
Date 09/12/18
Price £9
  • Price £9
  • Get ready for a collaborative series of embodied electronic music meditations.
  • Bring along your voice.
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Gazelle Twin and NYX come together as a collaborative drone choir to create an otherworldly electric chorus, expanding time and space.

Together, NYX and Gazelle Twin will channel the dizzying anxiety of post-truth Britain, in a distorted dreamscape of whispers and operatic chaos.

NYX is an electronic drone choir amplifying mindful experiences, psycho-acoustics and sound healing through an immersive exploration of ambient, noise and electronic music. Over the series, NYX has invited each collaborator to perform in a deep listening space, replacing digital instruments and field recordings with collective female modulated or organic voice, improvising new material, interacting with original NYX compositions and together, creating a euphoric collective experience for audiences.

Gazelle Twin is a moniker for independent artist, Elizabeth Bernholz. Her musical output takes an unconventional approach to production and live performance, featuring changing personas, themes and multiple genres. Gazelle Twin released new album Pastoral this month, her new tracks overflowing with a frenzy of traditional and contemporary musical tropes; from early music instrumentation - the harpsichord and the humble recorder, fed through myriad electronics - to the compelling, ritualistic application of found sample-looping.