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Minyo Crusaders at The Jazz Cafe

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Time 19:00
Date 11/11/19
Price £19.8

An unlikely fusion of traditional Japanese folk songs with Latin, African and Caribbean rhythms, Minyo have created some of the most infectious music anywhere between Latin America and Japan.

The punchy and inventive arrangements of this ten-piece big band seamlessly blend Afro-Cuban and Caribbean rhythms with old Japanese minyō to create a compellingly modern sound.

Since label Mais Um, released the band’s debut album Echoes of Japan in April the acclaim has been universal. ‘Love this.’ Gilles Peterson; ‘Minyo Crusaders sound like nothing else lurking on your Spotify playlist.’ The Times; ‘Great grooves and fine playing.’ The Observer; ‘The best band I have heard in many years.’ Ry Cooder. Tonight the band make their live UK debut.