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Melt-Banana + Deaf Kids at Dingwalls

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Time 19:30
Date 16/10/19
Price £17.6

They're an experimental noise rock band that is known for playing extremely fast noise music mixed with experimental electronica and pop-based song structures, that's right - it's Melt-Banana!

Some people say they are noise band, some people say they are so-called no wave band, some people say they are hardcore band, some people say their music is like roller coaster in an amusement park... however, one thing is for sure... you can expect distinctively piercing vocals, frenzied guitar and an effect-charged instrument ready to go. This incredible band have also worked with artists as diverse as Merzbow, John Zorn, Mike Patton, and Discordance Axis. The band has released nine albums and toured worldwide extensively.

"...Melt-Banana have remained like an eye of a hurricane that’s 10 times crazier than the hurricane itself" - Pitchfork

Melt-Banana will be supported by Brazil's very own three-piece band, Deaf Kids, who will be bringing their own brand of unholy noise from hardcore punk, metal and Latin American music.