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Liars and Happy Meals at Heaven

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Time 19:00
Date 27/10/17
Price £16
  • Produced by Heaven
  • Price £16
  • Get ready for punk rock electronica
  • Bring along LOUD music fans
  • Surf to Mute
  • See you at Heaven

Liars is an Australian-American rock band formed in 2000. The new album TFCF was released in August this year.

“When I first started working on this record, I was trying to explore the idea of being isolated,” says Angus Andrew, before falling silent for a few seconds. “Sorry,” he begins again, “I lost my train of thought there. I was looking at a kangaroo through the window. Angus is calling from a remote spot near Sydney, Australia – “In the super-bush, offshore,” he says. “I live in a National Park. There are no cars, it’s all rainwater and septic tanks.” Compared to the locations where previous Liars albums have been recorded – Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Berlin, bustling metropolises all – Angus’ current base of operations marks something of a left-turn. But, then, so does TFCF, (which stands for Theme From Crying Fountain), Liars’ eighth and latest full-length.