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Folie à Deux & Sarah Johns Music Party Presents CHRISTMAS!

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Time 19:30
Date 07/12/11
Price £5

Live Alt-Folk Music + Contemporary Dance and Spoken Word x Mulled wine and open fire = snug festive joy


Folie à Deux and Sarah Johns Music Party have joined forces to bring to you a glorious winter CHRISTMAS PARTY hosted at Dalston Boys Club - a unique, cosy, theatrical and tucked away venue.

The night brings together Live Alt-Folk Music, Contemporary Dance, DJS and Spoken Word.

Emma Gatrill - Vocals and Harp -

Solo work consist of intensively beautiful,  intricate and delicate harp playing, folk lyrics and a pure enchanting voice –  an absolute wonder. Gatrill sings for and plays with a long list of amazing folk bands including: Mariner's Children, Sons of Noel and Adrian, Rachael Dadd and Laura Marling.

Sarah Johns Music Party Vocals and drums. 
 ‘Calm yet theatrical, unusual and beautiful, lyrical yet melody-driven folk; with a Billie Holiday-esque twist to the use of her very flexible vocals. Unique.’

Tap Dance!

Christmas themed improvised tap dance!

Ben Target
Winner of the Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year  2011 award.  Target blurs the lines between comedy and conceptual art without any pretence; inventive and clever Target is one of the best acts on the circuit today.

'A pleasure to come across someone who's truly unusual' (Guardian Guide)

'Impressively funny' (Scotsman)

'Genius', 'unique' and 'the best' (Edinburgh Fringe)


Dalston Boys Club

16 Boleyn Road London

N16 8JG