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'E.A.R Festival - Electronic Arts Revue' at the Croydon Clocktower

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Time 12:00
Date 18/02/11
Price £8

A celebration of electronic music and arts with live music, workshops & film in Croydon over the 18th & 19th of Febuary.

Electronic Arts Revue


Over the weekend of the 18 -19 February Clocktower Arts in partnership with White Label Music present the pioneering first instalment of The Electronic Arts Revue or EAR as we like to call it. EAR takes a side step from the dance aspect of electronic music and celebrates the warmth and live expression that can be mined from a chipboard or microprocessor. From vintage synth fanatics through to 8 bit chiptune up-starts the Electronic Arts Revue proudly presents a line up of artists that stretch across the broad gamut of electronic based production.

Our partner is White Label Music (WLM), a record label and publishing house founded in 2002 by Marc Hunter and Ann Shenton (the latter the founder member of art-rockers Add N to X). WLM is an independent specialist label in the field of electronic music, which released the critically acclaimed electronic Bible compilation albums featuring work from musicians as diverse as Delia Derbyshire, Sonic Boom, Billy Ray Martin and Jarvis Cocker. They also host the now legendary Sonic Weekend Experiments, a series of improvised recordings by international musicians in various locations in The UK.

From the sumptuous shoegaze fuzz of Autrotation and sumptuous sleezy sounds of The Protagonist! to the jump-up tech punks like Toffeetronic, Friday night will explore the breadth and diversity of talent on the WLM roster, bands that all use electronics as the basis of their sound to wildly differing results.

Friday night culminates with a performance from Skywatchers, one of the most glorious and dramatic live bands of the moment. Space age anthemic Folk with an underlining fizz and pop of space aged electronics, capturing and simplifying the quintessentially English pastoral progressiveness of Pink Floyd and Kin.


COMPETITION: 1x Pair of tickets to attend 'E.A.R Festival - Electronic Arts Revue' at the Croydon Clocktower at 12:00 on Friday, 18th and Saturday 19th February.

To claim your tickets, send an email to with the correct answer in the ‘subject’ box. The winner will be randomly selected.

Q: How many miles away is Charing Cross from Croydon?

A: 1) 18.6 .2) 11.2 .3) 9.5 .4) 0.1