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Bird on the Wire: Ulrika Spacek at Corsica Studios

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Time 19:30
Date 25/04/18
Price £11

Following on from their explosive performance at Oslo last year, after the release of their album Modern English Decoration, Ulrika Spacek return with their psychedelic, alternative, indie rock.

Modern English Decoration might be considered a companion piece of sorts to The Album Paranoia. But there are crucial differences. Most notably, this isn’t the work of the Ulrika Spacek conceptualised by Edwards and Williams in Berlin – Modern English Decoration is the band as five rather than two people, and it shows. Those who have witnessed the intensity of their live show will instantly recognise the merits in this. The bass and drums provide a versatile anchor, at once soft, then aggressive, while the vocals drift woozily in and out, like druggy hindsight or skewed premonition. With three guitarists in the band guitars were always going to be central to the music, but what is less expected is the dynamic interplay between the trio that suggests a three-headed version of the Verlaine-Lloyd axis at the heart of Television. What’s more, the absence of reverb is integral, in part attributable to the ambience of the studio, but also a conscious decision in order to add focus. And focus is the abiding term: this is an album designed to be just so – a 45 minute commitment, a surrender.

This show takes place shortly after the release of ‘Suggestive Listening’ an E.P written and recorded by Ulrika Spacek released by Tough Love Records for Record Store Day.