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VAULT Festival: Hollywood Babylon: Rabbit's Moon + Over My Dead Body + Sherlock Jr. at The Vaults

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Time 15:00
Date 25/02/18
Price £11.5

Expect to 'laugh, cry, quiver with disgust and then hopefully laugh some more' with this riotous triple-bill.

Rabbit’s Moon - Kenneth Anger, 1950/1979 – 7 mins

Child-actor-turned-pioneering-underground-gay-filmmaker and author of the scandalous poison-pen letter Hollywood Babylon, Kenneth Anger is a monument of independent cinema, whose impact on the art form cannot be overstated.

In Rabbit's Moon, Anger’s sweetly subversive clown Pierrot causes chaos with a magic lantern in a tinselled wood. Lost for many years after Anger was chased off the set of the French films studio when they first learnt of what he was doing, RABBIT’S MOON remains one of the most haunting and playful films about black magic ever omitted to celluloid.

Over My Dead Body! - James King & James Carney, 2015 – 30 mins

A deranged screwball comedy set in the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Los Angeles, 1942: Two hack screenwriters (James Carney & Tom Moores) find themselves crammed into a sweaty studio-lot writersroom, racing for a deadline, stopping at nothing to outdo each other – even if it means murder!

Sherlock Jr. - Buster Keaton, 1924 – 45 mins

A film projectionist (and amateur detective) offers to solve the case of a missing watch, but is instead framed for the crime himself. Desperate to clear his name, the projectionist dreams of being the great Sherlock Jr., and in one of cinemas most iconic sequences, literally steps into the screen to bring his fantasies to life.