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Open City Documentary Festival / Barbara Visser: The End of Fear (UK Premiere) + Q&A at Picturehouse Central

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Time 18:30
Date 05/09/18
Price £16.5

Thirty-two years after the destruction of Newman's painting 'Who’s Afraid of Red Yellow and Blue', Visser revisits the drama, destruction and restoration of this iconic painting.

In 1986, one of the most famous crimes against art was committed when a man attacked a Barnett Newman painting in Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum with a box cutter, slashing the large abstract canvas as an act of anti-modernist vandalism. After American conservator Daniel Goldreyer was hired to restore the painting, nobody expected what happened next – the canvas arriving home plastered over crudely with red paint and a roller. Artist and filmmaker Barbara Visser calls into question the value of art, cultural gatekeeping and notions of appropriation and authorship with her playful and innovative investigation into what makes art art.

Screens with:
The Sleeping Fool
| Sofia Saldanha | 2010 | UK | 10’

The screening includes a Q&A with director Barbara Visser.