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London Short Film Festival: UK Competition - Joyful and Triumphant at BFI Southbank

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Time 20:30
Date 16/01/20
Price £10.2

Six shorts that celebrating human connection and good intentions - the perfect tonic for our cynical times.

Bonds come in many forms with siblings immersed in a world entirely their own and natural history enthusiasts revelling in the radical quietness of their calling in Jessica Sarah Rinland’s experimental documentary. Also featuring dreamlike new moving image work from Peter Strickland (In Fabric) and bittersweet meta-comedy with stand up on the ascent, Joshua Robertson.

All attending filmmakers will be in conversation with programmer and LSFF Artistic Director, Philip Ilson. 85’

David Abramsky 16 mins (UK, 2019)
A disabled comedian performs a make-or-break gig on the night his first child is born.


Jessica Sarah Rinland 43 mins (UK, 2018)
Black Pond is an odyssey across a common land in the south of England told through the hands of the members of the local Natural History Society.

Stroma Cairns 6 mins (UK, 2018)
Connor and Lewis are twins that are part of a family who have a point of differentness which has a profound impact on the lives of all five. After months of fighting and no communication, the two of them come together to spend a day in Canvey Island.

Peter Strickland 4 mins (HU, 2019)
A confrontation between two swimmers in a locker room ends in tears. A collaboration with London-based musicians GUO.

Theo James Krekis 3 mins (UK, 2019)
A top lad recalls fights, friends, and painting his toenails with his old man

Astrid Goldsmith 13 mins (UK, 2018)
A post-Brexit pagan dance fantasy about a troupe of Morris-dancing badgers in an English border town, who are trying to avoid the animal quarantine compound which has been built above their burrow. Fearing physical or ideological contamination, they ignore the plight of the caged inmates, until tragedy strikes and a young badger goes rogue.