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London International Mime Festival / Victor Sjöström: He Who Gets Slapped + live music by Taz Modi at the Barbican

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Time 16:00
Date 03/02/19
Price £13.1

A tale of romantic complications and devilish revenge unfolds in a wild and crazy circus setting; a cold psychodrama in which a man relives his betrayal and humiliation over and over every night.

Based on a Russian play, He Who Gets Slapped was the first production to start filming at the newly formed Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer company and features three of the silent movie era’s biggest stars, Norma Shearer, Lon Chaney and John Gilbert.

Lon Chaney is Paul Beaumont, a young scientist who loses everything on one horrific day when his patron, the dastardly aristo Baron Regnard, steals his research… and his wife. Slapped in the face by the Baron, called a clown by his wife, Paul cracks.

The next time we see him it’s as a circus clown, known only as HE, whose popular act consists of being slapped, repeatedly, by other clowns. With each slap, Paul relives his personal and professional humiliation in front of a roaring crowd: where can this end?

This screening features live music accompaniment from composer and pianist Taz Modi and guests.