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London International Animation Festival: Music Video Session + discussion and Q&A at the Horse Hospital

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Time 19:00
Date 08/12/18
Price £7.7
  • Produced by LIAF
  • Price £7.70, £5.50 concessions
  • Get ready for the latest mini-masterpieces.
  • Bring along your creative buddies.
  • Surf to book tickets.
  • See you at Horse Hospital

The London International Animation Festival (LIAF) returns for it's 15th edition with their annual collection of the world's best, hottest and most innovative music videos.

Animation is an integral element in many of the best music videos. Producing them also provides a commercially viable way for animators to earn a living and produce work they can be proud of.

Music videos have surged in popularity since the rise of portable screens, and filmmakers are increasingly using them as an experimental form with which to test out their artistic ideas. After the screening join several of the filmmakers featured in this programme as they take to the stage for a lively discussion on this subject. Panel members to be announced.

They will also be announcing the inaugural award for best music video at LIAF 2018 selected from the 20 films screened here.

The Late Night Bizarre screens just after this one at 9pm. You can buy tickets for both screenings for just £13.20.

So, here they are - 20 of the world’s best and most innovative music videos produced in the last 12 months, providing a visual mash-up of styles, techniques and genres.

Tall Juan - Parking Attendant
2min, 2018
Director - Dante Zabella, Argentina/Germany

Mr.Jukes featuring De la Soul and Horace Andy – Leap of Faith
3min, 2017
Director – Parallel Teeth, New Zealand

Father John Misty – Date Night
3min, 2018
Director - Chad Van Gaalen, USA

Flying Lotus - Post Requisite
2min, 2017
Director – Winston Hacking, USA

LSD – Genius
4min, 2018
Director – Ben Jones, USA

Tennyson - L'oiseau qui Danse
2min, 2018
Director - Jean-Marie Marbach, France

Toto Bona Lokua – Ma Mama
4min, 2017
Director – Katy Wang, UK

Sparks – Edith Piaf (Said it Better than Me)
4min, 2018
Director – Joseph Wallace, UK

Renata Zeiguer – Wayside
3min, 2018
Director - Angela Stempel, USA

Machine Translations – Sola
3min, 2017
Director – Jonathan Nix, Australia

Keita Sano – Mad Love
3min, 2017
Director - Ryoji Yamada, Japan

Sophie – Faceshopping
4min, 2018
Director – Sophie/Aaron Chan, Argentina

Tom Rosenthal – Fenn
2min, 2017
Director – Sarina Nihei, Japan

Nitai Hershkovits – Flyin’ Bamboo featuring MNDSGN
3min, 2018
Director – Felix Colgrave, Australia

Mark Stoermer - Filthy Apes and Lions
4min, 2017
Director – Lee Hardcastle, UK

General Elektriks - Au Tir a la Carabine
3min, 2018
Director - Zachary Zezima, USA

Superorganism - Everybody Wants to be Famous
3min, 2018
Director – Robert Strange, USA

Akwaur – Lone Love
4min, 2018
Director - Dasha Chukhrova, Russia

Gorillaz – Tranz
3min, 2018
Director -Jamie Hewlett, UK
Co-director - Nicos Livesey, France

Courtney Barnett – Nameless, Faceless
3min, 2018
Director – Lucy Dyson, Australia