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London International Animation Festival: Late Night Bizarre at the Horse Hospital

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Time 21:00
Date 08/12/18
Price £7.7
  • Produced by LIAF
  • Price £7.70, £5.50 concessions
  • Get ready for the spectacularly weird, wild and unhinged.
  • Bring along a twisted mind.
  • Surf to book tickets.
  • See you at Horse Hospital

Welcome to LIAF's Late Night Bizarre, a dirty fistful of 16 of the weirdest, wildest, most demented films hand-picked just for you.

LIAF’s annual walk on the wild side screening the most twisted films to emerge this year. This ever-popular Late Night Bizarre programme is a bunch of anti-classics guaranteed to be as far away from Disney as its possible to get.

The ever-popular Music Video Sessions screens just before this one at 7:30pm. You can buy tickets for both screenings for just £13.20.


A beautiful ode to a simple donkey that gave his all – his ALL – for the sake of the children.
Canada 2017 Dir: Ben Meinhardt 1min

1st Day and Next Minute
Beware the giant tongued rabbit – unless, of course, giant tongue is what you seek.
Denmark 2017 Dir: Sara Koppel 2min

A beach outing takes a gruesome turn when triplets play a prank on their father.
UK/Canada 2018 Dir: Ben Mitchell 5min

Death Van
A space-rock musical duo performs in a miniature world inhabited by surreal critters and a menacing and mischievous being. Truly bonkers!
Canada 2017 Dir: Michael Enzbrunner 6min

Those Progressive Meats
An oozing, miscued slither towards a dubious enlightenment.
Japan 2017 Dir: Minoru Karasube 4min

Food For Fraught
Breakfast as the ultimate hellishly hilarious freak show spectacle!
Australia 2017 Dir: Reid McManus 2min

A coyote loses his family to a vicious attack by wolves. Tormented by fear, anger and grief, he sees a chance to avenge his family...
Switzerland 2018 Dir: Lorenz Wunderle 10min

Parasitic Endeavours
Computationally simulated transformations and mutations of the human body.
Austria 2017 Dir: Simon Christoph Krenn 2min

Wank Sock
There's a time to squeeze and there's a time to just wait and see what will pop out.
Australia 2017 Dir: Annie Murray 5min

A young woman explores a dating app in the future
USA 2017 Dir: Jack Wedge 9min

Love and sex the Svirsky way. In other words very rude, explicit and weird!
Russia/Estonia 2017 Dir: Sasha Svirsky 2min

The haunting and haunted hunter is searching for something that he may never find. A twisted jazz soundtrack sets the scene for this neo-noir mystery.
Japan 2017 Dir: Ryoji Yamada 9min

Perfect Town
Everybody aspires to be a good citizen in this Perfect Town – but if you’re not quite right you go back to the end of the line.
Switzerland 2017 Dir: Anais Voirol 4min

A surreal observation of modern queer society.
UK 2018 Dir: Cheng Hsu-Chung 6min

Unlike anything you’ve seen before! A man must race through hell and back.
USA 2018 Dir: Jeron Braxton 6min

Total Eclipse
The first twinges of a sweet and simple love borne out of shared physical mutations.
USA 2017 Dir: Noah Malone 4min