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Jon Drever: Superbob at Screen25

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Time 19:45
Date 06/06/18
Price £8.5
  • Produced by Screen25
  • Price £8.50, £7 concs, £5 young adults, £2.50 discount for members
  • Bring along cape and goggles.
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A charming comedy starring a lonely superhero from Peckham is looking for love, 6 years after being struck by a meteor which gave him special powers.

A mild mannered postman called Robert Kenner is bestowed with superpowers after being struck by a meteor. He now works for the Ministry of Defence as a civil servant, saving the world one bureaucratic form at a time. When he finally gets a day off, Bob seizes the chance to go on a date with a woman he has been in love with for some time. It should all be fine - if a visiting American Senator doesn’t start World War Three…

SuperBob is a charmingly and inventive British comedy that will make you question every superhero movie you have ever seen. Marvel and DC, watch out!