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Japanese Avant-garde and Experimental Film Festival / Seijun Suzuki: Fighting Elegy + Shorts at Close-Up Cinema

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Time 20:30
Date 21/09/19
Price £12.9

Expect teen angst and violent outburst in Suzuki's darkly comic film which follows Kiroku, a high school kid who lusts after the pure, Catholic daughter of his boarding family.

Shooting with audacious confidence, Suzuki ensnares us in an inane satire – precisely the kind of madness this bizarre masterpiece seeks to destroy. High-schooler Kiroku is in love with the rigidly-Catholic daughter of his boarding family, but society and religion do not allow him to exercise his more-base desires. Overflowing with teenage angst, he finds relief in violent outbursts: discovering that with each one comes mixed results.

Displaying Suzuki’s trademark mockery, Fighting Elegy meets society’s continual moralistic failings head on, showing the objective absurdity civilization creates, yet at the same time allowing us a chance to laugh whilst considering the part we each play in this ongoing farce. Fighting Elegy is paired here with three short films that explore the past through personal stories narrated by female relatives of the filmmakers: Mizuki Toriya’s How Can You Know Where to Go If You Do Not Know Where You Have Been, Monika Uchiyama’s Bright Beyond Bearing and Chiemi Shimada’s Chiyo.