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Fragments Festival Closing Night Gala / Erica Glynn: She Who Must Be Loved (UK Premiere) at Genesis Cinema

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Time 18:45
Date 15/06/19
Price £16

A documentary that tells the epic life story of activist, trailblazer, and true inspiration, Alfreda Glynn. A unique, original and extremely edifying film.

Freda Glynn is one of the key founders of C.A.A.M.A. (Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association), an organisation created to highlight Aboriginal culture to the rest of the continent. Freda’s daughter, Erica, sets off to make a film about her mother’s past, however, the story Freda herself wants to tell is that of her grandmother who was killed in a massacre. Spanning across multiple generations of women, She Who Must Be Loved manifests the Glynn family’s deeply rooted ancestral connection through the investigation and connection of forgotten political events and rich indigenous culture.